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ATTENTION: All of Scarlette’s content is being MOVED!

ATTENTION: All of Scarlette’s content is being MOVED!

MOVED premades &;resources
message the premade site/high times to get the password for the resources


I recently lost the other main co-owner of EI. I struggled with what to do with this site and I’ve finally made a decision.
Although I am incredibly sad to say that Enchanted Illusions has come to an end, I’m so incredibly happy/proud/amazed of what it has become. I can’t thank you all enough for the kind words, the support over the years, and for just being completely amazing. I am so privileged to have been apart of your roleplay experience. I make these resources for you &; I hope that you will follow me as I end this journey to start a new at High Times
I’ve decided to join this amazing site and talented staff for two reasons:
1. I believe they are one of the best sites here on
2. Being the main owner of a site is incredibly difficult, this site has an established staff that has their routine down. I won’t have as big of work load as I would here on EI. This means at HT I will be able to provide A LOT more resources because I will have more time on my hands. I might even free up enough time to come back to rp!
I really do believe this is the best decision for me and for Enchanted Illusions. I plan to leave up the resources that Scarlette and the other co-owners have made unless they tell me otherwise.
-CRYS. ♥ i love you all, srsly. Thank you for an amazing 5+ years.
-main owner, hayley

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